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Career Opportunities

Specialists in sport management are needed to manage recreation and sport activity facilities, to supervise and plan indoor/outdoor recreation activities, to develop recreation and sport services for youth and adults in a variety of for-profit and non-profit settings, and to practice in health care settings. There are 4.5 million jobs nationally:

  • Sports Marketing: 1.5 million jobs
  • Sports Journalism: 301,000 jobs
  • Sports Entrepreneurship: 1.15 million jobs

Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities vary with the type of organization, area of the sport industry, and level of management. All involve business aspects of sport, and normally include 50 - 60 hour work weeks, including night and weekend hours of employment. Job duties may involve working with corporations in special event promotions and sponsorships. It may also include accounting, ticketing, and financial operations of a sporting event or program. Additional responsibilities might include developing a risk management plan for dealing with current legal issues in sport. The sport manager may be involved in facility and event management, sport broadcasting and media relations, or the sales of sporting goods and licensed sport products.

Job Titles

  • Program directors in community sport programs
  • marketing and promotions director
  • academic services for student-athletics
  • corporate sales director
  • director of ticketing and finance
  • sporting goods sales representative
  • intramural director of campus recreation
  • facilities coordinator
  • athletic director
  • compliance director
  • athletic business manager
  • fitness manager

Potential Employers

  • Sports Marketing Agencies
  • International Management Group
  • Proserve
  • Advantage International
  • Del Wilber Associates
  • Sport Media
  • Olympic Movement - IOC and USOC
  • Governing Agencies - USTA, ASA, NCAA, IAAF, PGA
  • Sports Equipment and Supply - $70 billion industry (5% increase last year)
  • Sport Facility Management - Stadiums, Coliseums, Activity Centers
  • Facility Planning Consultants for HOK, Hasting & Chivetta
  • Walt Disney
  • Sport Industry Report
  • Government Agencies