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Faculty & Staff


David M. Bellar, PhD, CSCS*D, RSCC*D

Director/Professor of School of Kinesiology
Patrick Rutherford/BoRSF Endowed Professorship in Education

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 124B
Office Phone: (337) 482-6615

Randy L. Aldret, Ed.D., ATC, LAT

Program Director - Athletic Training
Assistant Professor

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 129-B
Office Phone: (337) 482-5681

Dr. Aldret's research interests are concussion diagnosis and management, and sports performance analysis. Specifically, Dr. Aldret is examining how exosome are measured in the blood stream post-concussion and their utility as a diagnostic tool. Dr. Aldret is currently working with UL Athletic teams to analyize sleep quality and how this effect other measures of sports performance. 



Brian Campbell, PhD, ATC

Associate Professor

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 138-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6461

Greggory Davis, PhD, CSCS

Program Coordinator – Graduate Studies/Assistant Director of the School of Kinesiology
Associate Professor - Exercise Science
Red Lerille's/LEQSF Regents Endowed Professorship in Health and Physical Education

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 127-B
Office Phone: (337) 482-6463

Dr. Davis' research interests focus on metabolic and endocrine changes following dietary supplementation and various exercise interventions. Specifically, he is interested in the implications of these physiological responses for individuals at risk for the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. He is also interested in the development of novel scientific approaches to analyze various aspects of exercise and recovery measurements.


Charles Duncan, PhD

Program Coordinator - K-12 Health and PE Teaching Certification 

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 126-B
Office Phone: (337) 482-6533

Dr. Chuck Duncan's main area of scholarly interest is increased physical activity for young children. Recently, his research has focused on motor learning and skill development.

Susan Lyman, PhD, CHES

Distance Learning Coordinator
Vesta Bourgeois Endowed Professorship
Associate Professor
ULearn Certified Online Teacher
ULearn Certified Course Creator

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 139-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6465

Peter Omondi-Ochieng, PhD

Program Coordinator - Sport Management
Assistant Professor

Dr. Peter Omondi-Ochieng is an organizational performance researcher with a focus on: (a) analyzing the causes of on-field sports team performances based on the maximization of revenues, human capital, stakeholders, organizational capacity, and/or the law, and (b) evaluating the off-field sports team’s corporate social responsibility programs.

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 135-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6282

Johan Adendorff, MEd

Master Instructor - Health Promotion and Wellness
ULearn Certified Online Teacher
ULearn Certified Course Creator

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 132-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6155

James Clemons, PhD

Professor - Exercise Science

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 125-B
Office Phone: (337) 482-5624

Shuichi Sato, PhD

Program Coordinator - Exercise Science
Assistant Professor

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 134-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-5641

Dr. Sato' research interests focus on skeletal muscle biology to examine its plasticity due to aging, cancer cachexia, and disuse/immobilization in association with local and systemic inflammation status. I attempt to explain the mechanisms using molecular/cell biology techniques in vitro and in vivo. Also, I am interested in the effects of exercise as therapeutic intervention to treat these conditions.


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Toby Dore', PhD

Associate Professor - Athletic Training

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 130-B
Office Phone: (337) 482-6283
Claire Foret, PhD

Emeritus Professor

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 129-B
Office Phone: (337) 482-6462

Dr. Jeremy Foreman

Assistant Professor
Office: Bourgeois Hall 109A
Phone: (337) 482-5618


Elizabeth LaPointe, MPH, CHES

Senior Instructor - Health Promotion and Wellness
ULearn Certified Online Teacher
ULearn Certified Course Creator

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 139-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-5368

Ms. Elizabeth LaPointe's research interests include gender disparities in relation to health, reduction of mental health stigma, and local environmental health impacts and programming. Additional interests involve participation in animal-assisted therapy for improved health and wellness.


Aimee Mattox, MS, ATC, LAT

Program Director and Clinical Education Coordinato - Athletic Training

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 131-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6279

Currently, Aimee Mattox is completing her EdD in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Health Professionals Education. Her scholarly interests include Board of Certification (BOC) preparation tools, student mentor/mentee learning experiences and how it affects BOC and examination scores, and experiential learning dealing with athletic training students. Aimee’s goal as an instructor is to combine didactic and interactive hands-on skills in order to make a well-rounded future healthcare professional. 

Lisa M. LeBlanc, MEd, CHES

Program Coordinator - Health Promotion and Wellness
Senior Instructor
ULearn Certified Online Teacher
ULearn Certified Course Creator

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 112-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6280

Ms. Lisa LeBlanc is the coordinator of the Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW) program and Senior Instructor. Her focus is ensuring students are offered certified and engaging courses by faculty and adjunct instructors to ensure their academic success. She works closely with community organizations and companies to guarantee suitable opportunities for HPW clinical and internships. Ms. LeBlanc supervises all clinical and internship courses for HPW students. Additionally, she is a member of the Faculty Senate.

Scott Fuller, PhD

Assistant Professor - Exercise Science

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 137-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-1179

Dr. Fuller’s research interests are focused on interactions between diet, exercise, and energy metabolism. He focuses on basic research in animal models of obesity and diabetes to help unravel the molecular mechanisms by which exercise and diet can modulate fuel metabolism in insulin-sensitive tissues. This research is aimed at determining optimal dietary and exercise interventions in an effort to prevent and reverse insulin resistance and obesity.


Ben Kern, PhD

Assistant Professor - K-12 Health & Physical Education

Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 138-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6121

Dr. Kern intends to influence positive change on the obesity epidemic in the US by researching and teaching about methods to promote lifelong participation in exercise and active living. He is interested in the interdisciplinary application of exercise science, wellness promotion, and physical education. Dr. Kern believes that educating young people about ways to attain and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle is key to offsetting obesity rates and improving quality of life. School-based physical activity and physical education are the most ideal venues for this type of education, therefore, his research and teaching centers on promoting physical activity in school settings.


Gina Nevils, M.S.


Office Location: Bourgeois Hall 136-A
Office Phone: (337) 482-6639

Chris Landry

Kinesiology Resources Coordinator

Office Location: Bourgeois 123-B
Office Phone: (337) 482-6618