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Credit Exam for HLTH 100 or HLTH 101

Plans to test of out of First Aid (HLTH 100) and CPR (HLTH 101)? We have the steps mapped out for you!

1. Download the fill PDF copy of the "Application for Credit Examination."
2. Fill out the top area of the Application for Credit Examination. Save a copy of the application.
3. E-mail Dr. Reena ( in the School of Kinesiology with the following information:

  • The email must include the following statement: “I am requesting to have the $50 credit exam fee added to my ULink account.” ($50 per course)
  • an attached copy of the completed application for credit exam.
  • an attached copy of the First Aid or CPR certication.

4. Dr. Reena will contact the Student Cashier’s office to request to add the $50 credit exam fee to your account. The credit exam fee will post to your ULink account within 2-3 days.
5. To pay the fee, log into ULINK and click on [view your statement or pay your bill] then click on [make a payment].  The system will walk you through the steps to make your payment. Save an electric copy of the receipt on your computer.
6. To provide proof of payment, email a copy of the receipt and a copy of your current CPR or First Aid certification to Dr. Reena (
7. The credit exam for either HLTH 100 or HLTH 101 will open on your Moodle page. 
8. After you have taken the test, email Dr. Reena ( to let her know you have completed the test.
9. Upon successful completion of the credit examination with at least 80%, the grade of “S” and the appropriate credit are recorded by the Registrar’s Office to your transcript. An unsuccessful attempt is reported to the Registrar’s office, but is not added to your transcript.