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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate students in the School of Kinesiology have six stellar concentration options to prepare themselves with the mental toughness and the flexibility needed to pursue a variety of career opportunities after graduation. During their time in the School of Kinesiology, our undergraduate students stay active, physically and mentally. Exercise science students participate in varied research experiences that open the door for them to network at regional and national events by presenting what they have learned. Students in Sport Management learn first-hand about the in's-and-out's of operating a sports related business through participation in semester-long internships. The year-long Teacher Residency alongside the best Physical Education mentors keeps our Heath and Physical Education Grades K-12 majors in top shape, and our Health Promotion and Wellness students are out and about in the region participating in allied health rotations with local experts in the field.

In the School of Kinesiology, our students are always on the move!