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The undergraduate internship is the culminating experience for your journey to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology.

All students enrolled in the undergraduate program for kinesiology with a concentration in exercise science pre-professional studies, exercise science health and fitness studies, exercise science fitness sales, or sport management are required to complete at least a 3-credit hour kinesiology internship during their last semester. All students enrolled in kinesiology with a concentration in health promotion and wellness are required to complete a 9-credit hour kinesiology internship.

Students are required to self-select the location where he/she wishes to complete their internship. We encourage students to seek internships throughout the state. Students can also find Internship and Job opportunities here.

The primary purpose of completing a kinesiology internship is to provide you with an opportunity to engage in a professional, directly supervised, hands-on experience in an environment which enables you to display, apply, and practice previously learned classroom and laboratory knowledge and skills. Nothing is more valuable than the hands-on training gained through the kinesiology internships.

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