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Master in Kinesiology

Kinesiology is an expanding field with strong job growth expected for the next decade. There will be a greater need for health care providers in occupational and physical therapy due to the growing and aging population of the nation.  Additionally, there is a need for additional research on the health benefits of exercise and the need for physical fitness. 

You can take advantage of the expanding job market by earning your Master’s degree in Kinesiology.  In pursuing your Master's degree, you will pick a concentration in either Exercise & Sport Science or Health Promotion, Recreation & Sport Management.  After you’ve completed your Master’s degree in either concentration, your rigorous academic preparation will make you a strong candidate in the job market. 

Exercise & Sport Science

In the Exercise & Sport Science concentration, we will provide you with advanced information about the physiological effects of exercise and sport performance.  You will be able to take advantage of this preparation in a career where you work directly with clients or perform research.  Examples of the opportunities available to you are:
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Counseling
  • Clinical/Hospital-Based Wellness
  • Commercial Fitness Industry
  • Strength and Conditioning or Sport Coaching
  • Biomedical or Sport Science Research

Health Promotion, Recreation & Sport Management

With the Health Promotion, Recreation and Sport Management concentration, you can expect a rewarding career in one of two areas:

Health Promotion

  • Non-Profit Organization Management
  • Corporate Health Management

When you earn your Master’s degree with a Health Promotion, Recreation and Sport Management concentration, you will be equipped to begin a career focused on helping others manage their health through interaction and education.  With your degree you can choose to be engaged in management roles, or directly on the front lines of the struggle to increase the health of our population.

Recreation & Sport Management

  • Public Recreation Management
  • Sport and Event Management
  • Athletic Department Management

Earning your Master’s degree with a Health Promotion, Recreation and Sport Management concentration will offer you managerial level career opportunities in community recreation, venue management and athletic departments.  We will supply you with the tools to market and promote sport activities and community recreation and to become a leader in the sports community.